Universal Sompo Travel Insurance

Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Limited is a leading name in the general insurance segment. The company offers a range of general insurance plans to its customers like health insurance, travel insurance and motor insurance. The company also offers commercial insurance policies which are meant for businesses and industries.

Travel insurance plans offered by Universal Sompo are comprehensive plans which provide a wide range of coverage benefits. There are various plans offered for different types of travels. Each plan is further subdivided into various categories having different coverage benefits and sum insured. Individuals can buy a travel plan as per their need.

Key Advantages of Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Plans

Travel insurance plans offered by Universal Sompo have the following key advantages –

  • Coverage is provided for individuals up to 70 years of age
  • No pre-entrance medical check-ups are required if the insured individual is below 60 years
  • Three coverage options are available. One covers international travel, the other covers Asia travel and the third variant covers student travel
  • A comprehensive health-related cover and other benefits are available in all three travel insurance plans
  • Annual multi-trip plans are available for international travel too
  • Coverage is provided in US Dollars while premiums are payable in Indian Rupees
  • Coverage level starts at USD 20, 000 and goes up to USD 5,00, 000
  • Automatic policy extension is available in many plan variants. This extension helps individuals avail coverage for an extra duration
  • Home burglary insurance is available in international travel insurance This cover protects the home and its contents against possible burglary threats

Types of Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Policies

As stated earlier, Universal Sompo’s travel insurance policies are of three types. They are as follows –

  • Travel Worldwide Plan (Specific Plan)

This plan is meant to cover international trips, except trips taken within Asia. The plan can be bought as a single trip plan which covers only one trip or annual plan which covers multiple trips taken within a year.  Here are the features and coverage benefits of the plan –

  • There are three variants of the plan called Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • The sum insured under Silver Plan is USD 50, 000, Gold is USD 2,00, 000 and Platinum is USD 5,00, 000
  • Under the health cover of the plan, medical expenses incurred on health, dental treatments, medical repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains, and hospital daily cash allowance are covered
  • Other coverage benefits include total loss of checked-in baggage including delay, hijack distress allowance, loss of passport, financial emergency assistance, personal liability, personal accident, trip delay, trip cancellation, missed connection and burglary of home contents
  • There is an automatic extension of the policy allowed for a maximum of 7 days
  • The annual multi-trip plan has two cover variants of Gold and Platinum with sum insured up to USD 2,00, 000 and USD 5,00, 000, respectively.
  • Student travel plan

This is student travel insurance plan offered to students who are going for higher education abroad. The eligible age to buy this plan is 16-35 years. The coverage features, and other benefits of the plan include the following –

  • There are three plan variants – Primary, Buddy and Intellectual
  • The sum insured is USD 50, 000 for Primary variant, USD 1,00, 000 for Buddy and USD 2,00, 000 for Intellectual variant
  • Coverage is allowed for health-related expenses like medical expenses, dental treatments, medical repatriation, and repatriation of mortal remains. A daily cash benefit is also paid for hospitalisation
  • Coverage features which suit the needs of students include coverage for study interruption, accident of the sponsor and compassionate visit of a family member in case of a medical contingency.
  • This plan allows automatic extension of the policy for 7 days under all variants
  • Travel Asia Plan

This plan, as the name suggests, is a plan for Asia travel. Individuals taking a trip within Asia can secure their trips under this plan. Here are the plan’s salient features –

  • Two coverage options are available – Gold and Platinum
  • Sum insured under Gold is USD 20, 000 and Platinum is USD 25, 000
  • Other than medical coverage other features include loss of checked-in baggage, delay in checked-in baggage, hijack distress allowance, loss of passport, personal accident, personal and liability
  • The plan can be extended automatically if the trip extends by up to 7 days
  • Individuals aged up to 70 years can avail the plan easily

Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Policy Coverage

The coverage features under all Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Plans are almost similar in nature. A comprehensive coverage is provided which includes the following features –

  • Health cover – health cover is provided for all health-related claims. it’s features include medical expenses, dental treatments, medical repatriation, repatriation of mortal remains and a daily cash benefit in case of hospitalisation
  • Baggage cover – under baggage cover, loss of checked-in baggage by the common carrier or delay of checked-in baggage for more than 12 hours is covered
  • Loss of passport is covered
  • An allowance is provided daily in case of hijack of the common carrier
  • Financial emergency assistance is available for international trips where cash is provided in advance for any financial emergencies
  • Any personal liability faced is also covered
  • Accidental death and disablement while travelling is covered
  • Delay or cancellation of the trip is covered
  • There is a feature of extending the duration of the policy by 7 days if the trip gets extended for unavoidable reasons
  • A cover for burglary of the home contents is also available when the policyholder is on a trip

Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Exclusions

Instances which are not covered include the following –

  • Claims occurring before the inception of the cover
  • Claims when travelling against the doctor’s advice, pre-existing illnesses, participating in defence operations, participating in hazardous activities, etc.
  • Claims due to mental disorders, pregnancy, radioactive contamination, terrorist activities.
  • Claims due to war, invasion, rebellion, etc.

Universal Sompo Travel Insurance Claim Process

In case of a claim, the policyholder should contact the insurance company or the company’s international service provider. All the necessary details of the case would have to be provided. The international assistance provider would confirm the policy details and guide you with the travel insurance claim process. The claim form needs to be filled and all the relevant paperwork regarding the claim must be submitted with the service provider of the insurance company. After which the claim is settled.