Medical Travel insurance

A travel insurance plan is integral to travel planning. Do you know why? Let’s explore –

What is a medical travel insurance plan?

A medical travel insurance plan is an insurance policy which covers medical emergencies and other financial contingencies faced when travelling. Insurance companies offer insurance for both international and domestic travels.

What does a medical travel insurance plan cover?

Each medical travel insurance plan would provide extensive or exclusive coverage. Here are the most common ones included in nearly all plans:

  • Medical emergencies and evacuation – Costs incurred for medical treatments at the time of travelling are covered under this plan. In fact, travel health insurance plans also cover expenses incurred on medical evacuation if the need arises.
  • Loss or delay of baggage – if your baggage is lost or delayed by the airline, you get a compensation under your travel plan
  • Loss of passport – even your passport loss is covered under the plan
  • Personal accident– the plan covers accidental deaths and disabilities and pays a specified benefit
  • Third party liability – if you injure someone or damage someone’s property, your travel insurance plan helps you by paying the applicable financial compensation to the third party.
  • Trip cancellation – this feature covers trip cancellation and pays for the advance bookings made.
  • Other features – there are other coverage features too which are found in different travel insurance plans besides these common covers. You can compare travel health insurance plans to look for the available features. Some popular coverage benefits include the following –
  • Compassionate visit
  • Trip delay or curtailment
  • Missed flight connection
  • Hijack allowance
  • Emergency cash advance
  • Home insurance, etc.

Benefit of travel health insurance plans

Travel health insurance benefits are too many to count. However, here are some of the more pertinent ones for your consideration –

  • The medical coverage under the plan is a boon. International treatments are very expensive and can burn a hole in your pockets. By having an insurance plan to cover for such treatments you can breathe a sigh of financial relief
  • The coverage for baggage loss and delay is also convenient as you get money to arrange for necessary clothes during your trip.
  • Trip cancellation cover provides financial assistance by paying for your non-refundable advance bookings. Thus, even if your trip is suddenly cancelled, you don’t have to worry about the financial implications.
  • The other coverage features also come in handy in providing financial support for any type of contingency which you might face when travelling to an unknown place.

Thus, a travel health insurance plan, gives you security in an otherwise unknown location.

Medical Travel Insurance Companies in India

In India various public and private companies are providing travel and health insurance plans as well as medical travel insurance plans. They are rolling out new plans to attract new customers. Below is the list of few of the medical travel insurance providers in the country.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co Ltd.
Reliance General Insurance Co Ltd.
HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co Ltd.
National Insurance Co Ltd.
TATA AIG General Insurance Co Ltd.
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co Ltd.
United India Insurance Co Ltd.

Buying the plan

To buy the best travel insurance plan for your requirements, follow one keyword – compare. You should always compare travel health insurance plans before settling on one. There are various medical travel insurance companies and India. To find the best travel health insurance plan online, you should always make a comparison of the available plans.

The coverage features and the premium rates should be compared vis-à-vis. You should not compare travel health insurance plans only on coverage benefits or on premiums alone. Look out for the following parameters –

  • The coverage vis-à-vis the premium
  • The available coverage amount
  • Discounts offered
  • The network of tie-up of companies with different service providers in the country of your travel
  • The applicable exclusions
  • The process and ease of claim settlement

Also, when comparing online, you can also read customer reviews to find their experience with a particular plan. Look for these reviews to make an informed choice.

A travel insurance plan is beneficial and if you are planning a trip yourself, don’t forget to secure it.

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