International travel insurance

International destinations have their own charm. The romantic ambience of Paris, the fast life of USA, the snow-capped mountain ranges of Switzerland, international places attract all and sundry. Everyone wants a foreign getaway but the underlying costs are the deal-breaker. Even when you can afford undertaking an international sojourn, you do not want any further expenses to tighten your budget. However, contingencies are not within your control. If you face any crisis, besides the inconveniences faced, you cannot avoid the financial expenses and these expenses are magnified if you are travelling to a foreign country. Can you bear such huge financial losses?

An international travel insurance plan is your answer which provides financial compensation for contingencies faced when travelling. It provides an exhaustive scope of coverage features which are sufficient for covering almost all travel-related contingencies. Paybima also offers a variety of international travel insurance plans suitable for your travel. The premium rates are competitive and can be compared before buying the plan.

Though you can find the best overseas travel insurance plans at Paybima, do you know the coverage available under these plans? Here is a list highlighting some common features:

  • Emergency medical treatments – accidents are quite common when you travel. Such accidents might cause a serious injury for which you might be hospitalized. Seeking medical treatments abroad is an expensive affair. An international travel insurance plan covers such medical treatments and spares your pockets the financial strain.
  • Medical evacuation and repatriation – medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains are also covered.
  • Loss of baggage or passport – you might lose your checked-in baggage or it might be delayed. Similarly, you might also lose your passport. Such losses incur financial costs which are compensated by the travel insurance plan.
  • Trip cancellation or interruption – if your trip gets cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances, you incur expenses of any pre-bookings you have done. Similarly, in case of a trip interruption you might incur additional expenses. The travel insurance plan covers all such related expenses.
  • Personal Accident – accidental deaths or disabilities are also covered under the plan.
  • Legal liability – any financial liability towards others for any bodily injury or property damage caused by you unintentionally is compensated by your travel insurance plan.
  • Financial assistance in an emergency – if you lose your wallet or face any other contingency where you require financial assistance, the same would be provided by your international travel insurance plan.
  • Hijack allowance – the international travel insurance plan also pays an allowance if you face hijack.

Besides the coverage features, there are some exclusions in your international travel insurance plan which include:

  • Medical complications due to pre-existing illnesses unless the complication is life-threatening
  • Claims due to HIV/AIDS infection, war, self-attempted suicide, participation in hazardous activities, etc.
  • Complications faced when you are travelling against physician’s advice.

Types of international travel insurance plans

International travel insurance plans come in three variants:

  • Overseas Student Travel Insurance Plan which is for students pursuing higher education abroad
  • International travel insurance plan for leisurely trips and vacations
  • Business travel insurance plans

An international travel insurance plan is very important if you are travelling internationally. In fact, Schengen countries mandate a travel insurance policy if you are travelling to such destinations. So, when you travel to exotic foreign lands, don’t forget to buy international travel insurance policy. If you are going to America, buy US travel insurance, if you are visiting London you need travel insurance for UK. Wherever you travel abroad insurance should be a must.

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