Group Travel Insurance

Travelling has become integral to today’s lifestyles for both leisure and business. While travelling, the chances of facing unforeseen events and contingencies are high.  These contingencies not only cause inconveniences, but can also lead to financial losses. When travelling in a group, the losses multiply. This is where a group travel insurance plan becomes relevant.

Here is a complete lowdown on group travel plans policies.

What is a Group Travel Policy?

As is evident, a group travel policy is a travel insurance which covers a group of individuals against travel-related contingencies. The policy comes with a single sum insured and covers all the members travelling together.

Groups Which can Buy a Group Travel Insurance

There are several groups eligible for a group travel plan in India, and they include:

  • School trips When schools organise trips for their students, a group travel policy covers the students in case of accidents or other contingencies. The policy can be bought for both leisure and education-oriented trips.
  • Club members trips – Picnics, overnight stays or a sightseeing tour are some of the group plans to be covered when members of a club travel together
  • Trips of Recognised associations’ members – Leisure or work-related trips organized by recognised association for their members can be covered by a group travel plan.
  • Travel agents taking groups on a travel package – Tourists travelling together with a travel agent/package can be insured under this plan.
  • Family members going on a family holiday – Extended family going away for a special event or a holiday can buy a group travel plan for themselves.
  • Employer buying a group policy for his travelling employees –Under these plans, the company buys a group travel policy for its employees who travel frequently for business purposes. Annual multi-trip policies are generally issued in this case though a single trip group travel policy is available if employees would be travelling together on a single trip.

Features of a Group Travel Insurance Plan

Barring the corporate group travel plans features of all other group travel policies are similar and here are some common features –

  • There is a single sum insured covering all group members travelling together on a floater basis. Any member can make a claim up to the sum insured of the plan.
  • A single premium is charged for the plan. Premium can be paid by the group head, its members, or partly by the group head and partly by the members. If the members are also contributing to the premium, the full-sum of the premium is collected and paid to the insurance company in one instalment.
  • Group policies cover a single trip for a specified duration only.
  • Depending on the plan, there might be restrictions on the entry and exit age of the insured members.
  • The plan continues till the trip completion date, even if a claim has been made.
  • Group travel plans are cheaper compared to individual plans taken for individually by members of the same group
  • Members are required to prove their identity and attachment to the group to become eligible for cover.
  • Group travel plans can be bought for both domestic and foreign trips. In case the group is visiting a Schengen country, a group travel plan is essential.

Coverage Under Group Travel Insurance Plans

Like other travel insurance plans, group travel plans have both comprehensive inbuilt and optional coverage features. Here are the common coverage benefits–

  • Emergency medical expenses – every group travel insurance medical expenses incurred while travelling such as ambulance costs, doctor’s consultations, treatments, medicines, etc. Medical evacuation wherein costs incurred in transporting the patient to country of residence are covered by certain plans.
  • Baggage related claims – Financial loss or expenses occurring from delay, loss, or misplacement of baggage of a group member is covered.
  • Trip cancellation or postponement –expenses incurred for advance reservations on trip cancellations or postponements are covered.
  • Hijack of the carrier – if the carrier in which the group is travelling is hijacked, the policy pays a hijack allowance
  • Loss of passport or other important documents –for international trips, loss of passport is covered.
  • Personal accident cover – under this cover, accidental death or disablement of a group member is covered. A lump sum compensation is paid in such cases
  • Personal liability –the insurance covers financial liability arising when a group member might face in case of accidental injury, loss or damage to third-party person or property

Exclusions Applicable

Despite the extensive coverage benefits, there are some instances which are not covered under group travel plans, which include –

  • Cancellation of the trip by the travel agent or tour operator
  • Cancellation of the trip due to war or war-like situations like riots, mutiny, civil unrest, etc.
  • Cancellation of the trip for any other reason not substantial enough to result to cancellation for instance, divorce, death of a distant relative, change of mind, etc.
  • Medical complications due to pre-existing illnesses
  • Claims incurred which are up to the deductible limit of the plan. Deductible limits are found in baggage claims, hijack related claims, etc. and are supposed to be borne by the policyholder.
  • Maternity and childbirth related expenses incurred on the trip
  • Any type of self-inflicted or deliberate injuries
  • Mental disorders or congenital defects
  • Injuries or medical complications arising from engagement in hazardous activities or adventure sports.
  • Claims incurred from criminal activities or from behaviour if a group member/s are under the influence of drugs or/and alcohol.

Key Benefits of a Group Travel Policy

Here are the key benefits of buying a group travel policy before undertaking a leisure, business or educational trip:  –

  • The policy takes care of any unforeseen emergency which might disrupt the trip for the whole group
  • The financial burden of any emergency is taken care of by the group travel policy. As such, the group head or its members are spared the financial hassles
  • If the group is travelling to a Schengen country, the policy is a mandatory requirement to avail a travel Visa
  • Premiums are lower compared to individual policies for individual members

Comparing a Group Travel Insurance Plan

Buying a group travel insurance online

Use our travel insurance calculator to get the premium approximation. Remember, to compare the premium against the benefits or cover provided. Take the help of our customer care to help finalize a policy suiting your requirements. Once the company and policy has been decided, fill in the online application form, submit required documents, pay premium and get a policy.

If any one of your groups is planning a trip together, buy group travel insurance online, now!