Bharti AXA Travel Insurance

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company offers a range of general insurance products like motor insurance, health insurance, personal accident insurance and travel insurance. Travel insurance plans offered by Bharti AXA come in two main variants. There is a plan covering individuals and families on their international trips whether such trips are taken for personal reasons or for business ones. Then there are student travel insurance plans which cover students who are going abroad for higher education.

Both these travel insurance plans offer good coverage benefits. A range of coverage features are inbuilt in these plans. When it comes to premiums, affordability is kept in mind. While the plans are comprehensive, their premiums are affordable.

Key Advantages and Benefits of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Plans

Bharti AXA Travel insurance plans are characterized by many advantages and benefits which ensure that the policyholder has an enjoyable experience with his ravel insurance product. Here are some of the key advantages and benefits of travel plans offered by Bharti AXA –

  • Both single trip and multi trip plans are available under individual and family travel insurance plans. Multi trip plans are annual plans which cover unlimited trips taken during a year.
  • The company has a strong customer support which guides customers at each step of buying the policy and also at the time of a claim
  • The company provides 24*7 claim service assistance to its customers
  • More than 130 countries are covered under travel plans issued by Bharti AXA
  • No pre-entrance medical check-ups are required for individuals up to 70 years of age
  • There are many variants of the plan. Individuals can choose any variant which suit their needs

Types of Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policies

Bharti AXA General Insurance Company offers two distinct types of travel insurance policies. One policy covers international trips taken by an individual or by the entire family for work or leisure. The other one is a student travel insurance policy for students going abroad for higher education. Both these policies have their respective coverage benefits and premium rates. Let’s assess these policies in details –

  • Individual and family travel insurance

This policy covers trips taken overseas by an individual alone or with his family. Then policy comes in three types and suits different types of trips taken by individuals or families. The policy variants are –

  1. Schengen products
  2. Non Schengen products
  3. Annual multi-trip products

The features of the policy are as follows –

  • Individuals aged 3 months to 85 years can be covered under the plan if the country of travel is a non-Schengen country. If, however, the destination country is a Schengen country, the entry age is 3 months to up to a maximum of 60 years. If the individual opts for annual multi-trip policies, the entry age limitations would be from 3 months to a maximum of 70 years.
  • Pre-entrance medical check-ups would be required if the insured member is 60 years and above. Only after a proper underwriting would the company accept the policy for older individuals.
  • Family floater cover is available for individual, spouse and up to two dependent children. The maximum age up to which children can be covered as dependents is 23 years.
  • Coverage under the plan is further sub-divided into three categories. For Schengen travel, the available coverage variants are Smart Traveller Schengen Silver, Smart Traveller Schengen Gold and Smart Traveller Schengen Platinum. Coverage level under the three variants isGBP 30, 000, GBP 50, 000 and GBP 100, 000 respectively.
  • Non-Schengen policies are also divided into further sub-categories. The categories are Smart Traveller Gold, Smart Traveller Silver, Smart Traveller Essential, Smart Traveller Regular and Smart Traveller Basic. Coverage levels under each are USD 500, 000, USD 300, 000, USD 200, 000, USD 100, 000 and USD 50, 000
  • Annual multi-trip plans are divided into three categories. These categories are Smart Traveller Multi trip Silver, Smart Traveller Multi Trip Gold, Smart Traveller Multi trip Platinum. Coverage levels are USD 100, 000, USD 250, 000 and USD 500, 000 respectively.
  • Under Schengen and non-Schengen plans, the coverage duration is for a minimum period of 2 days and a maximum period of 356 days
  • Under annual multi trip plans, the minimum number of days of each trip should be at least 2. The maximum number of days of each trip depends on the plan variant. It is 30 days, 45 days and 60 days for Smart Traveller Multi trip Silver, Smart Traveller Multi Trip Gold and Smart Traveller Multi trip Platinum variants respectively.
  • Non-Schengen plans are also called pre-underwritten policies and they are available over the counter without much documentation and hassles
  • Compassionate visit coverage benefit is available in all the available plan variants. Under this coverage feature, expenses of round trip and accommodation for an immediate family member are covered if the insured is hospitalised for 7 days or more in an international hospital
  • Home fire insurance and home burglary insurance coverage benefits are also inbuilt under the plan. These benefits protect the insured’s home even when he is travelling.


  • Student travel insurance policy

Students travelling to a foreign land need financial security in case of unforeseen contingencies which they might face in the course of their studies. A student travel insurance policy provides this financial security to students travelling abroad and also their parents back in India. Student travel insurance policy offered by Bharti AXA provides ample scope of coverage for students visiting foreign destinations for higher educations. The premiums are also affordable and so the plan becomes a quintessential requirement for all aspiring students looking for foreign education. The features of student travel insurance policy offered by Bharti AXA are as follows –

  • Students who are aged a minimum of 16 years and a maximum of 40 years can buy this policy
  • The policy would be given only to individuals who are students and are going abroad for foreign education
  • The coverage duration is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 2 years. Students who wish for a longer duration can renew their policies when it expires
  • There are four variants into which the policy is divided. These variants are divided on the basis of the sum insured levels allowed and the coverage features built in the plan. The variants are Smart Traveller Student Standard, Smart Traveller Student Silver, Smart Traveller Student Gold and Smart Traveller Student Platinum. The respective sum insured levels are USD 100, 000, USD 200, 000, USD 300, 000 and USD 500, 000
  • Extension covers or optional coverage benefits are also available under the plan. These benefits can be chosen by the student by paying an additional premium of 10%. The first optional cover available is treatment of mental and nervous disorders which includes alcohol addiction and drug dependency. The second add-on cover is for inpatient medical expenses which are incurred for pregnancy related causes.
  • Some essential coverage features which are unique only to student travel insurance plans include the following –
  • Medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation
  • Study interruption – this cover pays for the tuition fees already paid by the student if the study is interrupted due to the student facing any medical contingency or due to the death of the student’s immediate family member or due to the death of the student’s sponsor
  • Compassionate visit – if the student is hospitalised for a medical sickness for more than seven days and the student cannot be transferred to India, this benefit would cover the round trip expense of an immediate family member and also any necessary accommodation expenses of the member
  • Bail bond – if the student, while on an international trip, is arrested by police or any judicial authorities on a bailable offence, the plan pays for the bail money required for obtaining the student’s bail
  • Legal expenses – if the student has unintentionally harmed any third party for which he or she is facing a legal offence, the policy would pay for the legal costs incurred in arranging for the defence of the student.
  • Besides these coverage benefits, a student travel insurance plan also covers other normal features which are covered in travel insurance plans. These include coverage for dental care expenses, accidental death or permanent disablement due to an accident, accidental death and permanent total disablement in a common carrier, daily cash allowance in case of hospitalisation, loss of passports, travelling cheques or travelling documents, loss of checked-in baggage, delay of checked-in baggage and personal liability.
  • There are deductibles against some coverage features. These deductibles represent the limit up to which the claim is not triggered in the travel insurance policy. Only if the claim is above the deductible limit, it would be paid. In that case also, the excess claim would be paid by the insurance company.

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Policy Coverage

Coverage under various travel insurance plans offered by Bharti AXA can be summarised in the following points –

  • Medical and dental expenses are covered – any medical contingency which results in hospitalisation is covered under the plan. The plan pays for the associated hospitalisation expenses and also emergency dental treatments
  • Cash allowance – a daily cash allowance is allowed for each day of hospital stay which exceeds 24 hours
  • Personal accident – accidental death or accidental permanent disablements are covered under the plan
  • Loss of belongings – the plan covers loss of essential belongings like passport, documents, baggage, etc. Even a delay in the checked-in baggage is covered
  • Third party liability – the policy covers legal expenses which might incur if you cause injury to any third party while on the trip
  • Trip cancellation or delay – if the planned trip is cancelled or delayed for unforeseen reasons, the policy pays for the expenses incurred on bookings already made
  • Home and fire insurance – the plan also covers loss to the policyholder’s home due to fire and theft of its contents while the policyholder is away on the trip

Bharti AXA travel Insurance Exclusions

Besides providing a comprehensive coverage, there are some exclusions which are not covered. These include the following –

  • Medical expenses incurred on any type of cosmetic surgeries
  • Self-inflicted injuries or attempted suicides and medical treatments resulting thereof
  • Treatments which arise because of participation in hazardous activities, war and related activities and any other risky sports
  • Non-allopathic treatments like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha or Unani
  • Expenses incurred due to experimental medical treatments which are unproven in nature
  • Expenses incurred when the insured was engaged in acts of criminal nature or acts carried out with criminal intent
  • Pre-existing illnesses are not covered. Daily cash allowance is not paid in case of medical treatments due to pre-existing illnesses. Moreover, routine examinations are also not covered under the plan
  • Pregnancy related expenses are not covered under the plan unless these expenses are chosen as an optional cover under student travel insurance plans and an additional premium is paid for the same.
  • Participation in defence activities and any claims thereof are not covered under the plan.
  • Treatments which are not emergent in nature and can be delayed until the policyholder returns to India are not covered

Bharti AXA Travel Insurance Claim Process

In case of a claim, Bharti AXA provides quick claim assistance which helps policyholders to get their claims easily settled. In case of a claim, policyholders are required to follow the below-mentioned process –

  • Inform the insurance company immediately and register the claim
  • In case of any emergency while abroad, the company’s service provider can be contacted. The contact number is 844-691-8883 for Canada, 844-691-8885 for USA and +91 11 47324403 for the rest of the countries except USA and Canada. All these numbers are toll-free and can be contacted for registering the claim
  • The claim service representative of the company would get in touch with the policyholder once the claim is registered and guide him with the required documents to be submitted
  • The documents and the claim form would then have to be submitted via email, fax or mail.
  • Upon receiving the claim form and documents, the company would settle the claim
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