New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

New India Assurance is a leading name in the general insurance industry. It offers a range of health insurance products and its senior citizen policy is one of the best health insurance for senior citizens. The policy can be taken by any individual in the age bracket of 60 years and 80 years. Renewals under the plan, however, are not allowed lifelong. The maximum cover ceasing age is 90 years.

Features of New India Assurance Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy

This health insurance for senior citizens offered by New India has some salient features which include the following –

  • Pre-policy health checks

Pre-acceptance health check-ups are mandatory for proposers. However, if the insured already has a health plan with the company, this check-up is not required.

  • Coverage

Coverage under the plan is allowed for inpatient hospitalisation, pre hospitalisation for 30 days and post hospitalisation for 60 days, ambulance costs and AYUSH treatments taken at Government hospitals up to a specified limit. The available sum insured allowed under the plan is Rs.1 lakh or Rs.1.5 lakhs. Moreover, free health check-ups are also allowed under the policy once in every four claim-free years.

  • Coverage for pre-existing ailments

The waiting period for pre-existing ailments is as low as 18 months. If the insured suffers from diabetes mellitus or hypertension, an additional 10% of the premium is required to be paid to cover the complications arising out of these ailments after the waiting period.

  • Premiums

The premiums for the plan are extremely affordable. They range from Rs.3850 in the minimum to Rs.7650 in the maximum. There are applicable premium loadings of 10% and 20% when the policy is renewed in the age brackets of 81 to 85 years and 86 to 90 years respectively.

  • Available discounts

Another good news for policyholders is that there are attractive premium discounts available in the policy. These discounts help in lowering the premiums further. A discount of 10% is allowed if the policyholder chooses a voluntary excess of Rs.10, 000. This voluntary excess means that the policyholder undertakes to pay the first Rs.10, 000 of the claim out of own pockets. Thereafter, the insurance company would pay the rest. A second premium discount of 10% is also allowed if the spouse is also covered under the plan.

  • Cashless claims

The policy allows cashless settlement of claims if the policyholder avails treatments at any of the networked hospital of the insurance company. The list of networked hospitals is available on the policy website and can be easily found online. The policyholder should inform the TPA of the claim and the claims would be settled by the insurance company at the earliest.

So, New India Assurance’s Senior Citizen Mediclaim Policy is one of the best senior citizen health plans available in the market and can be chosen by policyholders for covering themselves or their senior citizen parents.

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