New India Assurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator

New India Assurance is one among the four public sectors general insurance companies in the Indian insurance market. The company offers attractive health and other types of general insurance products to individual. Its health insurance kitty is quite varied and the available health insurance plans are very reasonably priced.

Among its health insurance products, the New India Premier Mediclaim Policy is the newest product launch which offers sum insured levels up to Rs.1 crore and all-inclusive coverage benefits. But is the premium affordable?

The premiums for New India Assurance’s health insurance plans, including Premier Mediclaim plan, can be found online using the company’s mediclaim premium calculator. The calculator calculates the premiums for the company’s health insurance plans for the interested customer and helps the customer buy the plan online after knowing the expected premium rate.

How the mediclaim premium calculator works?

For the calculator to work, the following details are required to be furnished by the customer –

• The policy which is to be bought

• The age of the individual who is to be insured

• The date from which the policy coverage is required to start

• The date on which the coverage is expected to end

• The basic information of the individual which would require the plan variant and the sum insured to be chosen

• The details of the members who are to be covered. The details would include the list of members and their respective dates of birth. Spouse, dependent children and, in some plans, dependent parents are allowed to be covered under the single plan as a family

• The contact details of the individual so that the representative of the insurance company might contact the individual and help in buying the policy without any queries

After all the details are entered, the calculator calculates and determines the premium which is to be charged. Individuals can also make changes to the calculation by changing any of the details mentioned above.

Once the premium is calculated and changed, if required, the individual can also buy the plan directly from the website of New India Assurance. To facilitate the purchase of the company’s mediclaim plan, the calculator provides a buying option which when selected helps the individual to plan the plan instantly.

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