National Insurance Mediclaim Premium Chart

National Insurance Company is a leading general insurer in the public sector. The company has a range of health as well as other types of general insurance products. The health insurance plans of the company are varied which make them suitable for universal needs. Individuals can find a plan for themselves, their families and also for dependent parents.

There are specialised plans for overseas travel and critical illness insurance too. Whether individuals want a comprehensive scope of coverage with high sum insured levels or simple no-frills health insurance plans, National Insurance health plans have solutions of every kind.

Premiums for National Insurance Mediclaim plans are very affordable. These premiums are calculated on different parameters. The parameters include the following –

  • The health insurance plan chosen. Since the coverage features are different in each plan, the premium rates are different too. Therefore, the plan which is to be bought determines the premium calculated
  • Age of the insured. Premium charts are made based on the age of the insured member
  • The number of members covered. Premium rates increase if family members are included in the cover. There are separate premium charts for covered family members
  • Sum insured required. The premium chart also contains the different premium rates based on the different sum insured levels. Higher the sum insured higher would be the premium
  • Plan tenure. If a longer duration is selected, premium discounts might be available which reduce the premium mentioned in the chart
  • Other loadings or discounts. The premiums available in the chart are also adjusted with the applicable loadings and discounts mentioned in the plan depending on the medical health of the insured and other deciding factors.

These factors help in the determination of the premium chart and the actual premium charged by the plan. The premium chart is prepared using age and sum insured as the two main variables while the actual premium depends on the above-mentioned factors too. The premium chart is available with the company and can be found online.

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