National Insurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator

National Insurance Company Limited is a public sector general insurance company which also offers a range of health insurance plans. The plans offered by the company are of different types and they offer a range of comprehensive coverage benefits.

The premium rates are also very affordable. Individuals wanting to buy health insurance plans can also calculate their health insurance premiums using National Insurance Company’s mediclaim premium calculator. The calculator helps in calculating the premiums payable for the policy depending on the details provided by the policyholder.

How to calculate health insurance premium

The health insurance premium can be calculated using the health insurance premium calculator. Here are the details which the policyholder should provide for premium calculation –

The policy selected – the premium depends on the coverage features of the policy and so the policy which is selected would determine the premium

The sum insured – National Insurance allows a range of sum insured. The chosen sum insured affects the premium

The age of the insured – age also determines the premium. Higher the age higher would be the premium calculated.

The number of members covered – National insurance also offers family floater plans wherein the spouse, dependent children and dependent parents can be covered under the plan along with the policyholder. The number of members who are to be covered also affect the premium calculation and are required to be mentioned in the calculator.

The policy tenure – many health plans offered by the company have a policy term of one, two or three years. The premiums, however, are paid at once. So, the term of the policy also affects the premium calculation

Premium loadings and discounts – there are premium loadings in some plans while in others there are available discounts. These loadings and discounts also influence the premium. Loadings increase the premium while discounts lower the premium rate.

After all the above-mentioned details are entered into the calculator, the premium for National Insurance Company’s health insurance plans would be calculated and displayed. The policyholder can change the calculated premium by changing one or more of the above-mentioned details.

Thus, the health insurance premium calculator of National Insurance shows the policyholders the premiums which they are required for the health insurance plan which they choose.