Royal Sundaram Health Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sundaram Finance. Though it was launched as a joint venture between Sundaram Finance and Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Private Limited Company of the United Kingdoms, it was later acquired completely by Sundaram Finance and other Indian shareholders.

Royal Sundaram offers a range of general insurance products. The company’s accident and health claim process has received ISO 9001-2015 certification. Another feather in the company’s hat is the ‘Celent Model Insurer Asia Award’ which it won in 2013 and 2014 consecutively. The award was given to company for innovating an intelligent claims management system which increased productivity.

Key Advantages and Benefits of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans

● Coverage for both pre and post hospitalisation expenses

● Coverage for day care treatments

● A wide network of hospitals of 3000+ hospitals for cashless claim settlement

● Free inbuilt accidental insurance benefit

● Cumulative no claim bonus of 5% to up to 50% of the sum insured. This increases the coverage while the premium remains the same

● Lifetime renewals are allowed for all health insurance plans offered by the company

● The claim process of the company is ISO certified ensuring that your health insurance claims get settled quickly and smoothly.

List of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policies

Royal Sundaram offers two types of health insurance plans. These plans provide a comprehensive scope of coverage and the premium rates are also low. Let’s explore both the plans in details –

  • Lifeline

This is a complete all-round health insurance plan which covers both individuals and families. The coverage scope is wide and the sum insured levels are also high. Here is a look at the plan details –

  • There are three versions of the plan – Classic, Supreme and Elite
  • The sum insured starts at Rs.2 lakhs and goes as high as Rs.1.5 crores. The plan is thus suitable for individuals looking for any amount of coverage
  • There are no limits or sub-limits on hospitalisation expenses and other coverage features.
  • All day care procedures are covered under the plan
  • 10% or 20% of the sum insured is increased if no claim is made in a policy year depending on the plan variant selected. This increase continues for each successive claim-free year till it reaches a maximum of 50% or 100% of the original sum insured.
  • In case of animal bites, the cost of vaccinations is also covered up to a specified limit
  • The last two variants of the plan cover domestic evacuation in an emergency situation
  • Emergency hospitalisation and international treatments for critical illnesses are covered in the Elite variant of the plan
  • Along with free health check-ups, the plan also offers preventive healthcare and wellness services and second opinion in case of critical illnesses
  • Maternity benefit, new born baby cover and OPD benefits are covered in the last variant of the plan
  • There are three optional benefits too. The first is the option to choose a top-up deductible. The second is hospital daily cash benefit and the third is to include US and Canada under the international hospitalisation cover.
  • Family Plus

Royal Sundaram’s Family Plus is a family floater health insurance plan which provides coverage for all family members. The plan covers up to 19 relationships and is a unique plan which combines individual and family floater plans together in one. Here are the plan benefits –

  • The policy has an individual sum insured limit for each member and a family floater sum insured for all members together. Thus, every insured member enjoys dual coverage levels
  • Individual sum insured level starts at Rs.2 lakhs and goes up to Rs.15 lakhs. Family floater sum insured, on the other hand, starts at Rs.3 lakhs and goes up to Rs.25 lakhs
  • There is also sum insured restoration benefit wherein the sum insured is reloaded by 100% if the existing sum insured and no claim bonus is exhausted in any policy year
  • No claim bonus allowed in the plan is 20% of the base sum insured up to a maximum of 100%. Thus, the plan doubles the sum insured within 5 claim-free years
  • 11 critical illnesses are covered under the plan. In case the insured is diagnosed with any covered illness, free medical second opinion facility is available
  • A host of health and wellness related benefits are offered by the plan free of cost
  • Maternity cover is available under the plan which covers the new born baby and the vaccination expenses of the baby in the first year
  • Another unique coverage available under the plan is nutritional allowance. This allowance is meant for the mother who has delivered a child. The allowance is allowed with maternity after the child is born.

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Network Hospitals

Royal Sundaram has tied up with more than 3000 hospitals throughout India. You can find out the list of networked hospitals and choose any one hospital for your treatments. If treatments are taken at a networked hospital, you can avail cashless claim settlement facility where the medical bills are directly paid by RoyalSundaram.

This list of networked hospitals is available both on the website of the insurance company as well as with the company’s customer care team. The policyholder can choose any mode of finding the networked hospital in his locality.

Eligibility for Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance policies have some eligibility criteria which the proposer must fulfil in order to get the policy accepted. Here are the eligibility criteria for both the insurance plans –

  • Lifeline

For individual policies, 18 years is the minimum age. There is no restriction on the upper age. Individuals of all ages can buy the policy. For family floater plans, the proposer should be at least 18 years old. Dependent children aged 91 days and above can be covered. However, for dependent children, the maximum entry age is 25 years. Up to four dependent children can be covered in the family floater plan along with self and spouse. Renewals of the health plan are allowed lifelong. The term of the policy is 1, 2 or 3 years. By choosing a term of 2 or 3 years the policyholder can enjoy a discount of 7.5% and 12% respectively.

  • Family Plus

This plan is offered only as a family floater plan. The proposer should be at least 18 years of age to apply for the plan. Dependent children can be covered if they are aged 91 days and above while adults can be covered if they are 18 years and above. There is no maximum entry age. Individuals of all ages can be covered under the plan without restrictions. A minimum of two members are required to be covered under the plan whether they are both adults or one adult and one child.

Claim Process of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance plans are backed by a strong network of more than 3000 hospitals in India. Thus, individuals can avail cashless claim settlements. In case of a claim, the insurance company should be immediately informed. Various documents and medical bills are to be submitted along with the claim form. The insurance company analyses the claim form and the documents submitted and settles the claim.

Claim Reimbursement Procedure of Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Policy

If treatments are taken at the non-networked hospital, cashless claim settlement is not available. In such cases, the insurance company settles the claim through reimbursement. The reimbursement claim procedure is as follows –

  • Inform the insurance company of the hospitalisation or claim as soon as it occurs
  • Avail treatments at the non-networked hospital and collect all original medical bills and reports relevant to the treatments taken. You would have to bear the medical costs yourself
  • After being discharged from the hospital, collect the Discharge Certificate or Discharge Summary from the hospital.
  • Fill the claim form and attach all original medical bills and reports. The Discharge Summary should also be attached.
  • Submit all these documents to the insurance company
  • The company would assess the documents submitted and reimburse the medical expenses incurred by you

How to Apply for Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Online

Royal Sundaram Health Insurance Plans are available online on the company’s website. The process is simple and is as follows –

  • Visit the company’s website at
  • Click on ‘Health Insurance’. You would be taken to a new page where both the plan options would be available
  • You can study and choose any one plan. Click ‘Buy Now’ when you choose the plan
  • You would be taken to a new page. Provide answers to the questions asked and proceed to buy the plan
  • You would be shown the premium rate before you finalise the plan
  • You can pay the premium online and apply for the plan
  • Once the premium is paid, the plan would be issued instantly.
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