Religare health insurance

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited is a standalone health insurance company providing specialised health insurance plans. The company is backed by Religare Enterprises Limited which is an established name in the financial services sector. Other stakeholders of the company include the two prominent banks – Union Bank of India and Corporation Bank.

The company offers quality health products which match ISO 9001:2015 standards. The company is tied up with more than 5400 hospitals in India providing ease of cashless claim settlements. Moreover, the company has an internal claims handling department thus eliminating any third party claim settlements which take time.

The health plans of the company are diversified and suit every individual’s needs. There is also the facility of availing treatments anywhere in the world with the company’s ‘Care Anywhere’ feature available in its health insurance plans. Launched in July 2012, the company has built up its network with 74 offices across the country and a workforce of more than 2200 employees.

Why buy Religare health insurance plans?

Religare’s list of health plans are specialised in nature. The reasons why you must consider Religare’s health insurance plans are –

  • Diverse – Religare’s health insurance plans come in different types and categories. You can find a perfect plan for yourself or your family. If there are senior citizens which need coverage, Religare’s Freedom plan does the trick. There is a maternity-oriented plan which is a standalone plan covering maternity after a waiting period of 9 months only. So, Religare offers a diverse range of health plans suiting everyone’s needs
  • Good coverage features – Religare offers some of the best coverage features in its health insurance plans. Some notable features include coverage for international treatments, restoration of sum insured, annual health check-ups, and more
  • High Sum insured – with Religare’s health insurance plan Care, you can get coverage of up to Rs.6 crores. Such high levels of coverage are, therefore, available for individuals seeking higher levels of sum insured
  • Premiums – compared to the comprehensive list of coverage benefits, the premiums for the plans are quite reasonable. One can easily afford Religare’s health insurance plans
  • Claim settlement – Religare has an in-house claim settlement department thus removing the dependency on third party administrators. Religare helps in prompt settlement of its health insurance claims.
  • Promoters – the company is backed by strong promoters which specialise in finance and health care industries. Religare enterprises, Fortis Hospitals and SRL diagnostics are some of the renowned promoters of the company. Having such good promoters makes the company reliable and expert.

Key Benefits and Features of Relgare Health Insurance Plans

  • Free annual health check-ups
  • Emergency medical treatments can be availed anywhere in the world
  • Good network of hospitals for cashless claims
  • Specialised products for different health insurance needs
  • Lifelong renewals available with all plans
  • Good online support for buying a policy or for making a claim

List of Religare Health Insurance Policy

Here are the health insurance plans offered by Religare Health Insurance Company

Plan name Entry age Sum insured Salient coverage benefits
ReligareCare Health Insurance Plan 91 days onward. No upper age limit Rs.4 lakhs to Rs.6 crores ●        Five plan variants with enhancing coverage levels and features

●        Free annual health check-ups for all covered members

●        Free sum insured restoration

●        Optional feature of No Claim Bonus Super where the sum insured increases by 50% for each claim-free year. The sum insured thus doubles within two claim-free years

●        Free medical second opinion

●        Premium discounts are available if the policy is taken for more than one year

●        Optional everyday care benefit which provides coverage for doctors consultations and diagnostic tests

ReligareCare Freedom – Senior Citizen Health Insurance Plan 46 years onward. No upper age restrictions Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs ●        Senior citizen plan with annual health check-ups

●        100% sum insured restoration

●        Consumable allowance and companion benefit

●        Dialysis cover is available

●        Domiciliary treatments are covered for up to 10% of the sum insured

●        Policy can be taken for 1, 2 or 3 years

ReligareEnhanceHealth Insurance Plan – A Top Up Health Insurance 1 day onward. No upper age restrictions Rs.1 lakh to Rs.30 lakhs.

Deductible – Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakhs

●        Super top-up health plan which enhances the cover at affordable rates

●        No sub-limits on room rent

●        Organ donor cover

●        Day care treatments are covered

ReligareJoy Health Insurance Plan – A Maternity Focused Plan Adults – 18 years to 45 years

Child – 1 day to 24 years

Newborn – 1 day to 90. days

Rs.3 lakhs and Rs.5 lakhs ●        Maternity-oriented plan

●        Two variants of Today and Tomorrow

●        Maternity expenses covered after 9 months or 24 months depending on the variants

●        Newborn birth defects are covered

●        No sub-limits on room rent

●        Individual or floater policy can be taken

●        Newborn baby cover is inbuilt in the plan

ReligareAssure Health Insurance Plan – A Critical Illness Plan 18 years to 65 years Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore ●        Specialised critical illness and personal accident plan

●        20 critical illnesses covered

●        100% of the sum insured is paid in case of diagnosis of a critical illness covered by the plan

●        No survival period

●        Child education cover in case of accidental death and disablement

●        Free health check-ups every year

●        A free second opinion is also available from the company’s expert medical practitioners in case of a critical illness

ReligareSecure Health Insurance Plan – A Personal Accident Insurance Plan 91 days to 70 years (adults) and 24 years (children) Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs ●        A personal accident insurance plan

●        Coverage is available for accidental death, permanent total and permanent partial disablement

●        Double sum insured is paid in case of permanent disablement

●        Fractures are covered under the plan

●        Child education benefit is also available

●        Temporary total disablement is covered

●        Coverage is also offered for burns, repatriation of mortal remains and common carrier mishap

●        Disappearance of the insured is also covered

●        Optional coverage benefit of accidental hospitalisation


How to claim Religare health insurance?

  • For cashless or reimbursement claim, call the company and inform them on 1800 200 4488. The intimation should be given within 24 hours of emergency hospitalisation or 48 hours prior to a planned one
  • A pre-authorisation form is available both at the hospital and online. It should be filled and submitted
  • The company would assess the form and approve the claim. The bills would be settled directly with the hospital for cashless hospitalization. For reimbursement, you would have to submit relevant documents. After analysing the documents, the claim would be reimbursed.
  • Reimbursement claims are paid only after the insured is discharged from the hospital and a Discharge Certificate or Summary is submitted with the company

Religare health insurance renewal

Religare’s health insurance policies are available for a period of one, two or three years. When the period is over, the policy has to be renewed. Renewal of the policy is essential if you want continuous coverage and enjoy renewal benefits of no claim bonus and reduction of waiting period.

Procedure to Renew Religare Health Insurance Policy Online

Religare offers easy renewal process which can be done online. Renewal of Religare’s health insurance policies can be done directly from the website of the company using the following steps –

● Visit the company’s website at
● On the homepage of the website there is an option of ‘Renew’.
● When you click on ‘Renew’, you would be directed to a new landing page
● On that page you would be asked the policy number of the existing policy and the date of birth of the insured. Enter the policy number and the date of birth as required
● Then hit ‘Let’s Renew’
● You would again be directed to a new page where the details of the existing policy would be displayed
● Check the policy details, make changes in the policy if required, pay the renewal premium online and renew the plan



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