Oriental Insurance Mediclaim Premium Calculator

Oriental Insurance Company Limited is a general insurance company which offers a range of health insurance products for its customers. Some of the popular health products of the company include its senior citizen policy which is called HOPE, Happy Family Floater Policy which is meant for the entire family and offers a wide scope of coverage and the hospital cash policy which pays a daily benefit in case of hospitalisation.

The premiums of all the plans offered by the company are quite affordable and can also be calculated using a mediclaim premium calculator.

What is a mediclaim premium calculator?

A mediclaim premium calculator is an online tool which helps in the calculation of premiums. The calculator requires some basic details of the health insurance policy being bought. Once the details are entered into the calculator, the premium is calculated based on the details provided.

Does Oriental Insurance offer a mediclaim premium calculator?

Yes, the website of the company has an online mediclaim premium calculator for calculating the premiums of the plans which the company sells online. The policyholder has to provide the following details into the calculator for the calculation of premiums –

  • The details of the primary member to be insured. These details would include the date of birth, the gender, PAN number, the photograph of the proposer and whether the proposer is suffering from any pre-existing illness when buying the policy
  • The details of the plan which would include the sum insured, the plan variant if applicable, the plan’s start and end dates.
  • Whether any family members are to be covered like the spouse, dependent children and dependent parents
  • If the family members are to be covered, their respective ages should also be entered in the calculator

After the above-mentioned details are entered, the expected premium of the policy would be calculated by the calculator

Buying a mediclaim policy using the calculator

The online mediclaim premium calculator also helps policyholders to buy the health insurance policy online. They have to provide their personal details, contact information and pay the calculated premium online. Once the premium is paid, the policy is issued. Thus, the mediclaim premium calculator does not only allow premium calculations, it also allows policy purchases.