New India Assurance Health Insurance

The New India Assurance Company is a Government owned general insurance company which was founded in the year 1919. As of March 2017, the company’s global business crossed the milestone of Rs.22, 000 crores. The company is the only insurance company to have been rated A (Excellent) by AM Best Company ever since 2007.

The company offers 270 general insurance products. In the context of health insurance, there are nine specialised products. Each product fulfils a particular need of the policyholder and provides a comprehensive scope of coverage. Policyholders can find indemnity hospitalisation plans, fixed benefit critical illness plans and senior citizen health plans among other plans.

Why to choose New India Assurance Health Insurance

There are definitive advantages of buying New India Assurance Health Insurance policies which can be seen in the following points –

• The company is continuously rated AAA by Crisil which shows the efficiency and trustworthiness of the company

• The company is present in India at about 2452 locations making it easy for customers to buy a plan

• A wide range of health insurance plans are available. Thus, different plans can be taken for different health insurance needs

• Premiums of all plans offered by the company are very affordable

• The company has a good hospital network which makes cashless claim settlements easy

New India Assurance Health Insurance plans overview

Here are the different plans offered by the company and their brief overview –

• New India GobalMediclaim Policy

This policy is for existing policyholders of the company. The plan covers treatments taken outside India for specified illnesses. Coverage is available for up to USD 2 million. Travel costs, repatriation costs, airport pick-ups are also covered under the plan.

• Asha Kiran Policy

This plan is available to parents who have at least one girl child. Coverage for hospitalisation expenses, accidental deaths and accidental permanent disablements are available under the plan. There are also hospital cash benefit and critical illness benefit inbuilt in the plan.

• Jan ArogyaBima

This health plan is designed for the poorer sections of the society. Sum insured for each individual is allowed up to Rs.5000 while premiums are affordable.

• Universal Health Insurance

This is a group health insurance policy which is offered to groups where there are a minimum of 100 families. The premiums are low and the coverage is optimal.

• New India Mediclaim Policy

This is a comprehensive health insurance plan which can be taken for the family with individual sum insured levels. Sum insured is available up to Rs.15 lakhs and the policy covers all the relevant hospitalisation costs.

• Cancer Mediclaim Policy

This is a specialised health plan which covers members of the Indian Cancer Society. The policy pays the insured costs incurred in the cost of diagnosis, biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, hospitalisation and rehabilitation expenses associated with cancer. The maximum coverage under the plan is allowed up to Rs.2 lakhs and the policy is issued for one year.

• Senior citizen mediclaim policy

This is a health insurance plan which has been designed for senior citizens. Individuals aged 60 to 80 years can buy the plan and renewals are allowed till the age of 90 years. Inpatient hospitalisation, pre and post hospitalisation, ambulance expenses and AYUSH treatments are covered under the plan. Sum insured options of Rs.1 lakh and Rs.1.5 lakhs are available. Attractive premium discounts are also available for choosing voluntary deductible and for including the spouse under the cover.

• Universal Health BPL

This plan is available either as an individual plan or as a group plan. Maternity benefit, personal accident cover, disability compensation are some of the unique coverage benefits of the plan.

• New India Premier Mediclaim

This is a new plan which offers sum insured levels of up to Rs.1 crore. Critical illness cover is inbuilt in the plan along with hospital cash benefit, AYUSH cover, OPD expenses, infertility treatments, maternity and child care benefits, etc. Thus, this is a comprehensive plan which is being offered by the company.

• Family floater mediclaim

This is a family floater plan where sum insured is offered till Rs.5 lakhs. Self, spouse and two dependent children can be covered under the plan.

• Janata Mediclaim policy

This is a simple health insurance plan which offers affordable coverage to individuals aged up to 60 years. Dependent children can also be covered under the plan

• New family floater 2012

This is a family floater plan which covers dependent parents too. Treatments taken in India are covered and the premiums are low

• New India Floater Mediclaim

Another family floater plan, this plan covers up to six members. New born baby cover is available along with hospital cash benefit and critical illness benefit among other benefits.

• New India Sixty Plus Mediclaim Policy

This policy covers individuals within the age group of 60 to 80 years. Sum insured is available up to Rs.5 lakhs and attendant benefit is also covered under the plan

• New India Top-up Mediclaim

This is a top-up plan which helps in increasing the coverage level. Sum insured of up to Rs.22 lakhs can be availed while the deductible limits are up to a maximum of Rs.8 lakhs.

Steps to renew New India Assurance Health Insurance

To renew New India Assurance Health Insurance policies the policyholder can use the online method. Online renewals are easy as they do not involve any unnecessary hassles. The process of online renewal is as follows –

  •  Go to the website of the company which is
  •  On the home page, choose ‘Health Insurance’
  •  Choose the plan which is to be renewed
  •  To renew the plan pay the online premium
  •  Any changes can also be made to the policy at the time of renewal
  •  After the online premium is paid, the policy would be renewed

Claim process of New India Assurance Health Insurance policy

To make a claim, the following process is to be followed

  •  Inform the company’s TPA either immediately or within 48 hours before hospitalisation
  •  In an emergency, then company should be informed within 24 hours
  •  Submit the relevant documents which include medical bills, cash memos, test reports and receipts of the same, surgeon’s certificate which states the surgery performed and bills and receipts of attending doctors, nurses, anaesthetists, etc.
  •  The bills would be analysed and the claim would be settled by the insurance company

New India Assurance Health Insurance premium calculator

New India Assurance Health Insurance policies have a premium calculator which can be used to calculate the expected premium online before buying the policy. To use the calculator the policyholder should follow the below-mentioned steps –

• Visit the company website at and choose ‘Health Insurance’

• Choose ‘Get a Quote’ and the health plan that is to be bought

• When the plan is selected, hit ‘Buy Online’

• A new page opens where the policyholder has provide the required information. The information includes the policy start and end date, basic details of the policyholder, details of the members to be covered and contact details

• After the policyholder accepts the terms and conditions, the premium would be calculated and displayed.