Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa is a leading private general insurance company which offers health insurance plans and is a standalone health insurer. The company is a joint venture between Max India Limited and Bupa which is a UK based healthcare company.

The health plans of the company provide some of the best in-class coverage benefits and help in providing complete health insurance experience to the policyholders. The company has won many awards ever since it was formed which show that the company’s products are good and popular. Indemnity based hospitalisation plans, fixed benefit critical illness plans and accident coverage plans are offered by the company.

Why to buy Max Bupa Health Insurance

Max Bupa Health Insurance plans have various advantages which make them favourable. Here are some reasons why Max Bupa Health Insurance plans should be bought –

• A wide variety of health insurance plans are offered by Max Bupa. Thus, policyholders can buy any type of plan according to their health insurance needs

• A specially dedicated health app is available which helps policyholders monitor their health and even fix doctor appointments

• Claims are handled by the company within 30 minutes of intimation ensuring that they are settled at the earliest and the policyholder does not face any financial burden

Max Bupa Health Insurance plans overview

Here are the types of health plans offered by Max Bupa –

• Go Active

Go Active is a family floater plan which is designed to take care of the overall health of policyholders. Some unique coverage features include home health care services, refill of the sum insured, OPD consultations, behavioural assistance program, etc. A range of optional coverage benefits are also allowed which include I-protect, health coach, personal accident cover and annual aggregate deductible.

• Health companion

This is also a family floater plan which is offered in three variants. Sum insured is offered for up to Rs.1 crore under the third variant which also offers comprehensive coverage benefits. The plan also has an option of choosing deductible limits wherein the premiums are reduced. Animal bite vaccinations, two year policy term, AYUSH coverage, restoration of sum insured are some of the salient coverage features of the plan. The plan can be bought at any age as there is no restriction on the maximum entry age which is a unique feature of the plan.

• Heartbeat

Heartbeat is one of the most popular plans offered by the company. It covers maternity treatments, new born baby, international treatments for specified illnesses, childcare benefits, consultation and diagnostic tests carry forward etc. There are two variants of Gold and Platinum and the Platinum variant allows sum insured up to Rs.1 crore.

• Criticare Plan

This is a critical illness plan which pays a fixed benefit if the insured is diagnosed with any critical illness covered by the plan. The benefit is independent of the actual costs incurred on the illness. There are two benefit options wherein the policyholder can either choose to avail the sum insured in lump sum or avail the sum insured in lump sum along with regular incomes for 5 years. Each income in this case would be 10% of the sum insured. International treatments are also covered under the plan.

• Accidentcare plan

This is a personal accident plan which covers accidental death and disablement. Coverage is given for accidental death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability, child education benefit and funeral expenses. Coverage for temporary total disability and accidental hospitalisation are allowed as optional benefits which can be taken by paying an additional premium. Worldwide coverage is allowed under the plan and it can be taken either on an individual basis or on a family floater basis.

Procedure to renew Max Bupa Health Insurance policy online

Online renewal of Max Bupa Health Insurance policies is available. These renewals are easy and can be done instantly. The process is as follows –

• Go to the website of the company which is

• On the website there is an option of ‘Renew’

• When this option is selected, a scroll down window opens which requires the existing policy number

• When the existing policy number is provided by the policyholder, a new page opens which shows the details of the policy, the policy expiry date and the renewal premium

• The policyholder can make any changes in the existing policy which would change the premium too

• When the policy details are checked, the policyholder would have to pay the renewal premium

• The premium can be paid online. Once the premium is paid, the policy would be renewed. The policy document of the renewed policy would be sent to the policyholder’s registered email id.

Claim process of Max Bupa Health Insurance

Claims under Max Bupa health plans can be made easily using the following steps –

• For cashless claims the policyholder should get admitted to a networked hospital.

• The health card or the policy number with a valid ID proof should be submitted at the hospital

• The details would be verified and the insurance company would respond to the claim within 30 minutes. Thereafter, the hospital bills would be settled by the company directly with the hospital

• In case of reimbursement claim, the company should be informed within 48 hours of hospitalisation

• After discharge the medical bills and documents should be collected and submitted with the company

• The company would verify the documents and reimburse the claim amount

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