Health insurance companies

There are 33 general insurance companies in the market. Out of these, a majority of the companies offer different types of health insurance plans for their individuals. In fact, there are standalone health insurance providers too. Health plans which are offered have varied coverage features and competitive premium rates. Health plans are popular both among the insurance companies and also individuals.

Individuals buy health insurance plans because the plan pays for the substantial medical expenses which incur in case of any health related contingencies. For insurance companies, health insurance plans are favourable because these plans are in great demand and bring in good revenue. So, individuals can find hundreds of health insurance plans offers by more than two dozen insurance companies.

Things to Know While Choosing a Health Insurance Company

When making the choice of the best health insurance company, the following things should be looked at and compared –

  • The range of health insurance plans offered by the company – the company should offer a wide range of health insurance plans which would fulfil the health insurance needs of different individuals
  • The coverage features – the coverage features in health plans should be comprehensive and all-inclusive so that all medical costs are covered
  • The premium rate – the premium should be in proportion to the coverage benefits offered and lower than the premiums charged by other insurance companies
  • The claim settlement ratio – the company should have a high claim settlement ratio indicating that it settles most of its claims
  • The claim process – the company’s claim process should be easy and the claim turnaround time should be quick
  • The networked hospitals – the list of hospitals networked with the company should be all-inclusive so that the customer’s preferred hospital is covered under cashless treatments
  • The discounts offered – the company should also offer a range of premium discounts to make the health plans more attractive

Best health Insurance Companies in India

Here are some of the best health insurance providers in India –

Name of the company Range of health plans offered
ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited ·          Complete Health Insurance

·         Health Booster

·         Personal Protect Policy

Royal SundaramGeneral Insurance Company Limited ·         Lifeline

·         Family Plus

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited ·         Care

·         Care Freedom

·         Enhance

·         Joy

·         Assure

·         Secure

Future Generali General Insurance Company Limited ·         Health Total

·         Future Health Suraksha Individual Plan

·         Future Health Suraksha Family Plan

·         Accident Suraksha

·         Future Criticare

·         Future Hospicash

·         Future Health Surplus

·         Surakshit Loan Bima

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Company Limited ·         Health Wallet

·         Optima Restore

·         Easy Health Standard

·         Easy Health Premium

·         Easy Health Exclusive

·         New iCan Cancer Insurance

·         New iCan Cancer Insurance for Women

·         Day2Day Care Silver

·         Dengue Care Plan

·         Optima Cash

·         Optima Plus

·         Maxima

·         Optima Super

·         Optima Vital

·         Energy

·         Optima Senior

Max Bupa Health Insurance Company Limited ·         Go Active

·         Health Companion

·         Heartbeat

·         Criticare Plan

·         Accidentcare Plan

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited ·         Individual Health Insurance – Health Suraksha Gold

·         Family Health Insurance – Health Suraksha Gold

·         Parents Health Insurance – Health Suraksha

·         Senior citizens Health Insurance – my: health Medisure Classic

·         My:healthMedisure Super Top-up

·         Critical illness insurance policy

Cigna TTK Health Insurance Company Limited ·         ProHealthProtect

·         ProHealth Plus

·         ProHealth Accumulate

·         ProHealth Preferred

·         ProHealth Premier

·         Lifestyle Protection Critical Care

·         Lifestyle Protection Accident Care

·         ProHealth Select

·         ProHealth Cash

·         Global Health Group Policy

·         Lifestyle Protection Group Policy

·         ProHealth Group Insurance Policy

Star Health & Allied Insurance Company Limited ·         Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

·         Senior Citizens Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

·         Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

·         Medi-classic Insurance Policy

·         Star Health Gain Insurance Policy

·         Super Surplus Insurance Policy

·         Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy

·         Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy

·         Star Cancer Care Gold Plan

·         Star Net Plus

·         Star Care Micro Insurance Policy

·         Star Criticare Plus Insurance Policy

·         Star Family Delite Insurance Policy

·         Star Special Care

The New India Assurance Company Limited ·         Asha Kiran

·         BMB Parivar Suraksha

·         BMB Sakhee

·         Cancer Mediclaim Expenses – Individual

·         Family Floater Mediclaim

·         Jan ArogyaBima

·         Janata Mediclaim

·         New Family Floater 2012

·         New India Floater Mediclaim

·         New India Global Mediclaim Policy

·         New India Mediclaim Policy

·         New India Premier Mediclaim Policy

·         New India Sixty Plus Mediclaim Policy

·         New India Top up Mediclaim

·         RashtriyaSwasthyaBimaYojana

·         Senior Citizen Mediclaim

·         Standard Group Mediclaim 2007

·         SwasthyaBima Policy

·         Universal Health Insurance

·         Universal Health Insurance BPL