Future Generali Health Insurance

Future Generali General Insurance Company offers a range of general insurance products to its customers. The company is a joint venture between the Indian conglomerate Future Group and the Italian company Generali Group. The company has sold more than 82 lakhs policies ever since it was formed and has more than 2000 corporate clients.

The health insurance kitty of the company is varied and diversified with a wide range of health insurance plans. Different types of health insurance plans are offered by the company suiting the needs of different individuals. The plans have attractive coverage benefits and competitive premium rates.

Why to buy Future Generali Health Insurance

Future Generali is a global insurance player which offers the following benefits to its customers when it comes to buying health insurance plans –

  • The company is present across India through more than 135 branches making it easily approachable
  • Cashless approvals for health insurance claims are provided by the company within 90 minutes of claim intimation
  • The company has more than 4200 empanelled hospitals across 492 cities in India for easy cashless claims
  • Claims are processed by the company in-house thereby removing the need of middlemen and ensuring faster claim settlements

Future Generali Health Insurance plans overview

Here are the different health insurance plans offered by Future Generali –

  • Health Total

This is a comprehensive plan which comes in three variants and has coverage options of up to Rs.1 crore. Sum insured restoration, maternity cover, emergency medical evacuation, child vaccination cover are some of the unique benefits of the plan

  • Health Suraksha Individual Plan

This is an individual health plan offered to individuals up to 70 years of age. Sum insured is allowed up to Rs.10 lakhs and the unique coverage benefits include patient care expenses, accompanying person’s expenses, hospital cash benefit and additional accidental hospitalisation.

  • Health Suraksha Family Plan

This plan is a family floater plan covering the entire family. Coverage benefits are basic and the premiums are quite low and affordable. Dependent children from 3 months to a maximum of 25 years can be covered under the plan.

  • Accident Suraksha Personal Accident Plan

This is a personal accident insurance plan which covers accidental deaths and permanent disablements. Temporary total disablement is also covered under the plan. Worldwide coverage is allowed and the plan is available without any medical questionnaire or examination. A range of add-on covers are also available with the plan which makes the plan coverage more comprehensive.

  • Future Criticare Critical Illness plan

This is a fixed benefit plan which covers 12 major critical illnesses. The maximum sum insured which is available is up to Rs.50 lakhs and the entire sum insured is paid in one lump sum if the insured is diagnosed with any of the covered illness. Family can also be covered on a floater basis.

  • Future Hospicash Hospital Cash Plan

This is also a fixed benefits plan which pays a daily benefit in case the insured is hospitalised for at least 24 hours. ICU coverage is available with the plan along with a lump sum convalescence benefit if hospitalisation extends beyond 10 days.

  • Future Health Surplus Top-up Plan

The top-up plan allows policyholders to increase existing health insurance coverage. Sum insured options are allowed up to Rs.10 lakhs while the deductible limits are available up to Rs.5 lakhs. No medical check-ups are required for the plan till 55 years of age.

  • Surakshit Loan Bima

This health plan is offered with a view to cover the outstanding loan in case of any medical contingency. Sum insured of up to Rs.3 crores is available and the plan covers critical illnesses, personal accident and the loss of job.

Procedure to renew Future Generali Health Insurance policy online

Future Generali Health Insurance plans can be renewed online with the simple clicks of few buttons. The process is as follows –

• Visit the homepage of the company which is available at https://general.futuregenerali.in/

• Choose ‘Products’ and then choose ‘Health Insurance’

• Select the plan which is to be renewed

• When the plan is selected, verify the plan benefits and make any changes if required

• Pay the renewal premium online

• Once the premium is paid, the policy would be renewed. A copy of the renewed policy would be sent to the policyholder’s email id

While renewing the policy, the policyholder should keep in mind important details like the members to be covered, the sum insured, the coverage benefits and the add-ons which are required. After all the details are verified by the policyholder the policy can be renewed using the above-mentioned steps.

Claim process of Future Generali Health Insurance

Future Generali Health Insurance plans settle claims quickly through the company’s in-house claim settlement team. The claim process is as follows –

• In case of a claim the insurance company should be informed immediately

• If it is a planned hospitalisation information should be given 4 to 5 days in advance, in case of emergency, claim intimation should be done within 24 hours

• If the policyholder gets treatment at a networked hospital, the medical bills would be settled directly by the company with the hospital

• In case of non-networked hospital, the policyholder would bear the medical costs. The company would then reimburse the costs incurred when the documents are submitted.