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Computer-Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys You Should Know



computer shortcut keys

Computer shortcut keys make your work easy and quick. An average normal person types everything on the computer. He uses mouse every time to open any special function of a software.

For example, if he wants to open a new file he will point mouse cursor on File < New and then the new file will be opened. It takes a lot of time and decreases your speed.

So to increase your efficiency and speed you should know Shortcut Keys. Today I will be sharing some general Computer Shortcut Keys to use in daily life.

Computer Shortcut Keys A to Z

FunctionsShortcut Keys
View Help InformationF1 Key
Rename a selected fileF2 Key
Refresh the current programF5 Key
Create a new documentCtrl + N
Open a file in a SoftwareCtrl + O
Select all textCtrl + A
Change selected text to BoldCtrl + B
Change selected text to ItalicCtrl + I
Save current document Ctrl + S
Underline selected textCtrl + U
To find something in a documentCtrl + F
Cut the selected itemCtrl + X
Copy the selected itemCtrl + C
Paste the cut or copy itemCtrl + V
Undo the Last actionCtrl + Z
Redo the last actionCtrl + Y
To print the current pageCtrl + P
To Close the current programAlt + F4
Switch between open applicationAlt + Tab
Open Window Task ManagerCtrl + Alt + Del
Take A Screenshot of current Screen Window icon + PrtScr
Open start menu Ctrl +Esc

Download Computer Shortcut Keys pdf :

If you don’t want to read the complete article or you don’t have time to read, you can simply download in pdf.

How to Download :

  • Click on the images
  • After the image gets opened long press on image
  • Select Save image and your image will be saved.
computer shortcut keys

Download Shortcut Keys Pdf from Here.

Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

Microsoft word or MS-Word is basically a word processing program that is used for creating awesome documents, broucher, and many more things.

We can create very amazing presentations and this program has very rich features. We can add header and footer to our documents. Also, you can check spellings and grammar and add very fancy text.

To perform all these task we will be providing you some Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys that will help you to perform the work quickly.

FunctionsShortcut keys
Cut the selected textCtrl + X
Copy the selected textCtrl + C
Paste the cut/copy textCtrl + V
Undo the delete Ctrl + Z
Redo any workvCtrl + Y
Print the current page Ctrl + P
Save the documentsCtrl + S
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Shortcut Keys For MS Excel

Functions Shortcut Keys
Select all row and columnCtrl + A
To make content bold of a cellCtrl + B
Copy all contentCtrl + C
Fill downCtrl + D
To find something in excelCtrl + F
Goto Ctrl + G
Replace any thing Ctrl + H
Open a new excel sheetCtrl + O
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This is all for now, we will be updating this list and will be publishing content related to computer and programming. In the meantime, you can also share some shortcut keys in the comment section and we will add it into our list. Share it with your loved ones.

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